The sole purpose of Share the Light is to share the gospel through serving the people of Haiti.

Based in Maryville, Tennessee, we work with our team on the ground in Haiti providing basic necessities, including:

Church Planting

We’ve planted over 400 simple churches throughout Haiti, with our team on the ground providing training for leaders in these groups.

Water Distribution

Four times each week, we provide clean water for anyone who comes to receive it. Every week, we distribute approximately 500 gallons.

Food Distribution

We provide more than 400 meals to those struggling to find enough food for their families.

School Tuition

All schools in Haiti require tuition, so we work with local communities to provide the needed funds for children to attend school.

Home Repair

Many homes in Haiti require extensive repairs, so we pool our resources to bring these homes to a livable standard.

Business Training

For many Haitians, starting a business is their opportunity for a better future. So we provide them with business training and support.